Messiah University

Spring 2023

Dripless is a response to a class prompt for a design led magazine. My project was envisioned as an alternative to conventional fashion magazines (Vogue, Dazed etc.) which create an aspirational image of an ideal customer to sell their product. Instead this magazine seeks to take an anthropological look at people who exist outside the trend cycle to better understand the what and how and why of their daily wardrobe. As part of the project, I conducted an interview and took photographs, which I transcribed and edited to make the following spreads. To download the PDF, Click Here.

Gallery of Obscure Sorrows

Messiah University

Fall 2022

This was my final project for a course on web design. The prompt was open ended. I chose to make an interactive website for a portion of The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, a book published in 2021 by John Koenig. The book gives names to specific wistful feelings which are often hard to describe. Using his invented words as inspiration, I chose to interpret them as objects in a digital gallery. Each word was given a relevant object depicted in the gallery with a vector illustration which can be clicked and then takes you to a new page that displays the definition with some sort of interaction. The project was made in Adobe XD as a website prototype.